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I learned the hard way: I started my business during an economic downturn. In the free module I share how collaboration turned things around.

We Will Explore
- Have you dabbled in collaboration?
- What if you had the collaboration secrets that small businesses use to grow by leaps and bounds?
- How would that change your 2021 outlook?
We will LEARN
- What if you could expand your reach not just to anyone but to over 50,000 of the right kinds of people, the ones that can fill your practice and grow your movement?
- What would that change for you?
We will Implement
- What if you could, in a hands on way, workshop the five steps to going from working ALONE as a solopreneur to collaborative ABUNDANCE in your business?
-What would that make available?
I attended the event on collaboration because I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. Life is … all about the collective. And by giving, I am also receiving. I would describe LPL as Energetic, Empowering and Enlightening. As a result, I scheduled Zoom meetings with members, and I have set myself free to receive again. Thanks a million! "
-Dee DiFatta
I love LPL. Through this group I've not only grown my business but I've connected with such amazing and inspiring ladies. I consider many of these ladies to be my friends. When I think of LPL: inspiring, friendships, empowering and growth are what immediately come to mind, though I'm not sure any of these words really do justice to how amazing this group is. "
-Teresa Hnat
"I've found LPL to be: Collaborative, Informative and Supportive. As a result I've been able to make connections! 
Davia, you're doing an AWESOME job leading this group. Keep up the good work."
-Nadine Mullings
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